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Ergoprop Laptop Stand

The Ergoprop is designed to make mobile computing more comfortable for you and your laptop wherever you go. Your laptop is securely propped up to a more comfortable angle which allows for improved neck posture and better wrist position.

The Ergoprop also keeps your laptop cooler by allowing air to pass under it allowing it to function more efficiently. The foldable foot makes it easy to tuck away into your laptop case.

Ergotherapy Endorsements

Why use the Ergroprop laptop stand?

Incorrect Ergonomic Posture
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Upper shoulder tension and trigger points
  • Lower back pain
Correct Ergonomic Posture with an Ergoprop Laptop Stand
  • Correct cervical curve = no pain
  • Relaxed shoulders = no pain
  • Correct lumbar curve = no pain

Ergoprop Laptop Stand Features

Ergoprop Laptop Stand Features
  1. Foldable arm with non-slip rubber foot
  2. Die cut holes allow your laptop to release heat and circulate the air.
  3. Raised and angled lip prevents your laptop from slipping while providing a comfortable base for your wrists.
  4. Non-slip rubber foot

Testimonials View All

  • The Ergotherapy chair has made such a difference for both myself, my patients and my staff. The design is top notch and the functionality is exactly what you need to maintain proper posture. If you're having a hard time correcting your posture while you're sitting, stop trying so hard, just let the chair do it for you. It works for me.
    Dr. Peter J. Solomon, DC
  • This is the best purchase of office equipment I think I have ever made. The chair is comfortable and adjusts exactly to the sitting position I need to work on my computer and at my desk. I have spent several hours at work today and have not felt the fatigue I experienced sitting in my previous, (pretty expensive), office chair.
    John Penberthy
  • All our patients who bought the chair are very satisfied customers and I personally prefer using this chair whilst doing administrative tasks. I would strongly recommend the use of the Get One chair for patients suffering from back and neck pain.
    Hantie Rossouw - Physiotherapist
  • As far as I am concerned, these products are worth their weight in gold. Day in and day out I deal with patients who have developed major problems with their backs and necks due to sitting at user Un-friendly work stations. So, thank you to ‘Ergotherapy Solutions” for your great products and service.
    Dr. Craig P. Raubenheimer
  • Just a short note to say Wow! I have had my chair from the 10th of July and it has been life changing for me. Thank you for taking the time to change my life & help me say goodbye to my chronic backache! I will be forever grateful!
    Tara Robb

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