Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is better for me - highback or midback?

The features and lumbar support are identical in both Midback and Highback GetOne® chairs. It is important to note that the crucial area to feel support is in your lower back - even if you are suffering from upper back or neck & shoulder discomfort. A well supported lower back, combined with correct positioning of the workstation, will keep your head and cervical spine in the correct alignment and pain-free.  The Midback generally finishes at shoulder height, the Highback midway up the head. If you like to sometimes lean back when speaking on the phone or reading, then the Highback will be enjoyed. If you prefer not to have anything behind the head, then the Midback is for you.

QWhy should I choose the GetOne® over any other chair?

The back support of the GetOne® was designed according to the angles of your lumbar spine and provides the optimal support to maintain a neutral position. This allows you to maintain the correct posture while working. The backrest also comes more forward than most chairs so that you can have constant support. The muscles of your body can then relax and will not fatigue. Musculoskeletal problems such as lower back pain, neck pain and headaches are caused by fatiguing muscles which then go into spasm which ultimately results in pain. The GetOne® prevents this situation from occurring by providing much needed support.

QAs a business owner, how is the GetOne® chair going to help improve the productivity of my employees?

We make the assumption that our staff are comfortable & efficient. The reality is that most people are uncomfortable & therefore not as efficient as they could be! With the increase in the time spent in front of computers, there has been a resultant increase in levels of worker discomfort and musculoskeletal pain and injury. The GetOne® provides the perfect support and comfort so that employees can work more efficiently and take less time off. Read our research done on the increase of the efficiency of workers. The study which was conducted to test the impact of the GetOne® chair on performance revealed a 30.7% increase within 4 weeks of using the chair.

QWhy do I need height adjustable armrests?
A Armrests are important to provide support for your arms so that your shoulders can be completely relaxed. Height adjustability allows the user to adjust the position to suit individual height and is a function of the height of the chair in relation to the desk surface and keyboard. It is important that you can bring the chair in close to the desk so that you are not “reaching” for your computer. Armrests should therefore be positioned so that they fit below or above the desk surface.
QHow can I clean my chair if it gets dirty?
A The upholstery is very easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth or use dry upholstery cleaners available from most retail outlets.
QDoes the chair have a guarantee?

The GetOne® comes with a 5 year guarantee on all the parts excluding the fabric. If the problem can be fixed on site, it will be done so by one of our representatives. If the problem needs to be fixed in factory, it will be sent back and returned as soon as possible.

QHow do I set myself up in the chair?
A Visit our ergonomic set up section to get advice on the optimal workstation set up and how to adjust your chair correctly.

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