About Ergotherapy Solutions

Ergotherapy Solutions (Pty) Ltd was started in 2001 by physiotherapist Gary Arenson. The substantial incidence of work related injuries that Gary encountered while in clinical practice highlighted the need for solutions that would effectively address work related injuries and discomfort. The Ergotherapy Solutions training program was the initial response to that need.

By showing people how to set up their equipment to best suit their shape, size and work needs and by giving practical exercise and stretch techniques that can be performed while seated, the program has had a tremendous impact on comfort and performance in many organisations. 

Office chairs remained a problem though; designs were not supportingthe areas that were most important like the lower back, prices were highand quality low. Employing a unique combination of medical, ergonomicand design expertise, 2006 saw the launch of the GetOne® office chair byErgotherapy, designed to ensure lower back support, flexibility, ease of use and superior quality - manufactured locally at an affordable price. 

This patented design has taken the market by storm, with a client list reading like a who’s who of SA business. It is also endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of SA. 

Ergotherapy Solutions’ message is clear: Companies make the incorrect assumption that staff are comfortable and efficient at their workstations. Statistics reveal a very different reality. Empowering people with the right knowledge, and giving them the right tools without spending additional resources, is the answer to maximising performance and productivity. 

People are starting to be recognised as an organisations most important asset, but in truth it’s only the healthy people who prove to be real assets. The liabilities of inefficiency and absenteeism now have an effective solution - Ergotherapy Solutions.

About Ergotherapy

Larry Cohen
Office Manager

(02) 8090 8155

Larry Cohen is a practicing physiotherapist in Sydney, Australia. He has a B.Sc in physiotherapy and a M.Sc (MED) in exercise physiology, and has lectured in physiotherapy at university level.

Larry has a special interest in spine pain and related issues, especially spine deformity and the ageing process. He has recently commenced a PhD in spine deformity at Sydney University and regularly attends and speaks at international conferences, courses and clinics.

Larry has been involved with Ergotherapy Solutions since its establishment in Australia. He and his team are passionate believers in the product and look forward to assisting you.

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